Dr. Sadichhya Dhakal

Dr. Sadichhya Dhakal


I was a student in NEEF for a month in 2017. Professionally I am required to deal with patients on a daily basis and often deliver presentations. Feeling that I needed to improve my presentation skills, I joined NEEF. Having taken the one-month course, I saw all these positive changes mentioned above. I now know certain techniques required to deliver effective presentations so that people want to listen! Not only that, I actually look forward to giving presentations now and can overcome the nervousness!


How have public speaking classes helped me?

PS classes have:

  • Increased my self-esteem
  • Increased my confidence level hence I am able to give more effective class presentations and mass lectures
  • Developed problem solving skills
  • Made my interpersonal communication better hence I am able to communicate better with my colleagues and patients
  • Made me aware of different techniques needed to give an effective speech like tonal variation, pauses, flow of words, hand gestures and body form.