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Latest News and Notices

Admission Open for New Classes for June Session, 2022

Class Time: 6.45 am to 9 am and 11.45 am to 2 pm

Class Days: Monday to Friday

Duration: 40 hours

Please contact for details:

Nepal Entrepreneurship Education Foundation Pvt. Ltd. (NEEF) Bagbazar, Kathmandu,Nepal
Third Floor-Everest Bank Building

Nepal Entrepreneurship Education Foundation

Training and Schedules

Course: HBK Public Speaking Training – Fundamental Level: I & II

HBK Public Speaking Training in NEEF is a complete package of 4 weeks. It’s a life value enhancing multi-dimensional training. The course mainly contains: Effective Presentation, Anchoring, Different Formal Speeches, Face to Face Dealing and Personality Development etc.

Our Chief Trainer, Mr. HB Katwal is a Creator of HBK Public Speaking Series. He is a Professional Speaker and Self-help Author.

New Classes for June Session (6.45 to 9 AM and 11.45 to 2 PM)  will take place from 6th. June, 2022 (23rd. of Jestha, 2079).

For further details:

Nepal Entrepreneurship Education Foundation Pvt. Ltd. (NEEF)
Bagbazar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Third Floor-Everest Bank Building
t: +977-01-4238545, 9860312393

Seminars and Presentations


For regular practice and professionalism, we have been conducting regular public speaking seminars and presentation sessions for  our Ex-trainees and NEEF Public Speaking Club Associates. 

We also conduct Life Value Enhancing HBK Public Speaking Seminar and National Convention for all interested candidates in association with our Chief-trainer and creator of HBK Public Speaking series. You can visit:

For details:

Nepal Entrepreneurship Education Foundation Pvt. Ltd. 

Bagbazar, Kathmandu,Nepal
Third Floor-Everest Bank Building

Public Speaking Club

Would you like to boost your public speaking skills ?

Would you like to be professional ?

Would you like to lead the field?


If yes, please join NEEF Public Speaking Club to explore the competitive and leading personality within.


For details,

NEEF Office, Bagbazar

t: 01-4238545/9860312393

(Only for NEEF trainees who have completed 40 hours of HBK Public Speaking Course and achieved certificate through evaluation).