About us

Nepal Entrepreneurship Education Foundation (NEEF) is the first and only Public Speaking based Training Institution in Nepal with guaranteed performance through tested courses and expert trainers founded in AD 2015.

The course module adopted by NEEF is HBK Public Speaking series, a perfect multi-dimensional speaking training that turns those with the usual public speaking fears and phobia into professionals who get their ideas across with poise and enthusiasm. The public speaking tips and techniques are already tested among the people of various backgrounds with amazing results.

NEEF Public Speaking Training is a life value enhancing training for quality communications, personality development and entrepreneurship development.

To date, NEEF Training has been successful training among the people of different backgrounds to deal various challenges and leading self towards productive results realizing, unlocking and using self-capacity.

NEEF Training has an unlimited scope as it is in the base of wide range of communication skills and personality development with scientific, psychological and practical methods to bring a remarkable result within a short duration.

Starting with basic public speaking tips and tricks and moving quickly into actually delivering talks – everyone will be on own feet and present like a professional in no time at all!

This course is conducted in a moderate group, with individual attention, personal direction and advice about developing presentation and communication style. In equipped training halls, presentations and speeches are recorded or videotaped as per needs, so trainees can actually watch progression from step to step.

The training also includes confidence build up exercises, concentration development meditations, essential vocal practices and audience persuasion techniques.

Nepal Entrepreneurship Education Foundation